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If you can't find a flavour here that tickles your tasetbuds, send me your ideas and I will do my best to turn it into cupcake heaven!
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  • Vanilla & Jam - Light vanilla sponge with jammy suprise in the middle! Topped with lashings of vanilla buttercream and decorations of your choice
  • Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter* - vanilla sponge sprinkled with chocolate chips and a generous filling of smooth peanut butter topped with vanilla or chocolate buttercream.
  • Vanilla & Oreo - Light vanilla sponge with a whole oreo cookie baked inside the cupcake! Topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with more crushed oreo.
Traditional Flavours
  • Vanilla - flavoured with 100% pure Madagascan bourbon vanilla extract and vanilla buttercream icing (icing can be coloured to your requirements) 
  • Chocolate** - made with melted Belgian dark chocolate min 70% cocoa solids and topped with melted Belgian chocolate buttercream
  • Lemon - moist sponge flavoured with the juice and zest of fresh lemons and lemon buttercream made with freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Coffee - made with expresso coffee and dark brown sugar for extra flavour topped with generous swirls of coffee flavour buttercream
  • Choc Chip** - vanilla sponge generously filled with milk and plain choc chips, can be topped with vanilla or chocolate buttercream, or even a mixture of both!
Special Flavours
  • Coffee & Walnut* - coffee sponge with chopped walnuts and topped with coffee buttercream icing and walnut pieces 
  • Banoffee -sticky banana and toffee cake with dulce de leche buttercream topped with mini fudge pieces or a banana chip
  • Red Velvet - chocolate flavoured deep red sponge topped with a cool cream cheese frosting & red sugar sprinkles
Seasonal Flavour Ideas
  • Blueberry - moist vanilla sponge filled with plump fresh blueberries topped with purple and white vanilla buttercream and fresh blueberries 
  • Raspberry & White Choc - light vanilla sponge filled with juicy raspberries topped with melted white chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries
  • Carrot & Orange - moist lightly spiced carrot cake with zesty orange cream cheese frosting and a mini sugar carrot
  • Sticky Gingerbread - lightly spiced sticky gingerbread sponge with cream cheese frosting & tiny gingerbread men sprinkles
  • The decorations described above are simple decorations, if you require more detailed hand made decorations this will be reflected in the price.
  • All my cupcakes are baked in coloured muffin cases to co ordinate with the decorations and your party colour scheme
 *Contains nuts   **May contain traces of nuts